28 March 2022 - the first rehearsal in 15 years, returning to dance classes, ~9 hours per week in transit

28 March 2022

Hey there,

I write letters home every now and then to ~20 of my family and friends.

This is my way of inviting conversation and staying connected. I'm writing this because you matter to me and I like you having a window into my life.

This email comes expectation-free: no need to read or respond, though it means the world when you do.

The first rehearsal in 15 years

Last week, I told you about the audition. Well, I got into the show. I'll be part of the ensemble and yesterday was the first rehearsal. I had the best time.

Before the audition, I think the last time I performed in front of people was in 2015 at uni, and before that, high school. I'm still amazed that I got myself into this.

Returning to dance classes

Most of this year, I've still been going to fitness classes at the dance studio, but I took a break from choreography classes.

I went to a choreography class on Friday and absolutely killed it. It was an epic song to dance to (Rock That Body by Black Eyed Peas) and I just was able to absolutely slam it out. There's a fun thing that happens when you know the moves and you can easily remember the routine: you start to play. You try out a slightly different vibe, then another. You refine an aspect of your silhouette and you add little details. Honestly, I'm really loving watching the girl in the mirror move.

I'm adding choreography back to the rotation. Too much joy in it to stay away.

~9 hours per week in transit

I'm blessed that I work fully remotely and I haven't had a commute for 8 months.

The new rehearsal schedule is adding a whopping 9 hours of commuting. I kinda wanted to be stressed out about it, but that seemed a bit of a waste of energy. I mean, I have a 9 hour container that I can fill with whatever I want. Maybe I'll read or chat to a fellow cast member or write or catch up on the MCU. Regardless of what I choose, I'm seeing it as another setting, and I'm actually kind of keen for it.

The rehearsal schedule and the commute time adds a constraint that really simplifies my life over the next few months. I will have work, rehearsals, dance, fitness, and some social life. Makes it easy to ensure I'm resting well and I'm using my time wisely. So good.

Talk soon,


PS - Some of you haven't heard me sing recently...or at all. If you're curious, here's a rendition of Sara Bareilles' Gravity that I recorded on my phone using a backing track from YouTube. The rain was kind enough to start pouring towards the end, matching the theme of the song rather nicely. I'm still working on improving but I quite like hearing myself these days.